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Im cbd online shop From you can buy high quality CBD and CBD products from Switzerland - tested by accredited laboratories and notified to the Federal Office of Public Health. Besides CBD flowers / CBD hemp you can too CBD oil / hemp oil, CBD cuttings and buy suitable accessories for the CBD. You can buy CBD at Hanfpost, order conveniently online and pay by invoice. You will also regularly find interesting articles about CBD in our blog.

The CBD hemp / CBD flowers are dried raw materials, which from 100% legal cannabis plants be won. All our CBD flowers were in the Planted in Switzerland and lovingly made from cuttings to dried CBD flowers, which you can buy as CBD. When choosing our hemp flowers, we make sure that during cultivation No herbicides or pesticides are used. Before the products go on sale in our CBD shop, all CBD varieties are approved by the Federal Office of Public Health Laboratory checked for their THC and CBD levels. This is the only way we can help you Order CBD guarantee a high quality!

The CBD oil or the cbd drop from are made from various, very high-quality CBD hemp varieties. The hemp oil from Switzerland contains several different cannabinoids, which are obtained using certain extraction processes. You can buy your CBD oil in our CBD shop.

* This text does not represent a healing promise but only provides information about the general properties of the ingredients.

The CBD cuttings / hemp cuttings from Switzerland are obtained from so-called CBD mother plants. These are very elaborately bred genetics, which high CBD levels and THC levels below 1% exhibit. The mother plants spend 18 hours a day under artificial light so that the growth of the hemp plants is stimulated and the flowering phase is prevented. Healthy shoots are then regularly cut from the mother plants, which are rooted in a so-called jiffy and then go on sale with us so that you can buy your CBD. We guarantee that the im CBD Shop sold cuttings 100% rooted and are immediately ready for the growth phase. In general, you can use our CBD cuttings after just two weeks Initiate flowering phase. In addition to the fact that you can buy CBD from us, we also offer individual cuttings in spring.

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What is CBD?

Before you buy CBD, we would like to explain again what it is all about: the active ingredient CBD is the second most common active ingredient in the cannabis plant and is considered non-psychoactive. In recent years, CBD has played an increasingly important role in medicine, especially due to its enormous potential. Due to the fact that CBD is not psychoactive, you can legally buy and use CBD.

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Safety and quality is one of the most important issues when it comes to buying CBD. All our products are tested for their THC and CBD levels by accredited laboratories in Switzerland before they are sold. We guarantee that the products comply 100% with Swiss legislation and can be consumed legally! If you still have a queasy feeling, you can always ask us for the corresponding laboratory certificates - so that you can order and enjoy your CBD without worries.

You can find a large selection of CBD products in our shop!

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100% CBD hemp from Switzerland

All CBD products that you can find in the shop are made in Switzerland with a lot of love and expertise. Our suppliers specialize in the manufacture of cannabis products with a THC value below 1%. So when you buy CBD, you can always be sure that you are only getting high quality products.

The CBD flowers, cuttings and drops are subject to strict quality control. We promise you that we only sell the best CBD products.

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Buying CBD is trendy

Buying CBD, quite legally in the CBD shop of - that may seem a bit strange to one or the other. However, there is no reason for this, because buying hemp or CBD is completely legal. Ordering or owning hemp has long been negatively stigmatized. This is because the female cannabis plants of Cannabis indica as well as Cannabis sativa contain the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC for short), which has psychoactive properties. The THC is also the component of cannabis that is responsible for the intoxicating effects of the plant. The purchase of hemp with a THC content above the permitted maximum value is still prohibited by law in many countries, including Germany and Switzerland. Cannabis plants and products made from them that have THC levels below this limit are freely available for sale. Buying CBD is now even trendy.

Lots of good reasons to buy CBD

In fact, there are plenty of good reasons to buy CBD. As the name suggests, the active ingredient is not the psychoactive THC, but the so-called cannabidiol (CBD for short), which has such minor psychoactive properties that they can be completely neglected. Hemp has long been considered a medicinal plant in ancient Asia. Since the female plants are often used to produce intoxicants containing THC, their reputation as a medicinal plant fell into disrepute. Buying or otherwise using CBD decreased in popularity. The stigmatization of the plant described above, which was originally said to have a wide range of positive effects for a long time, began. Fortunately, the trend is now developing in the other direction, as more and more people are relying on the positive properties of the plant and buying CBD.

There are also various ways to absorb CBD. Because of its stigma, hemp is often associated with smoking. Although CBD can be absorbed through smoking, this is not necessary in order to benefit from the positive properties of the plant.

Still questions about buying CBD?

There are many myths and mysteries surrounding the topic of buying CBD. This is also quite normal: After all, it has not been possible to legally buy and consume CBD for too long. If you have any questions about buying CBD, take a look at our FAQ about buying CBD and about hemp in general. Here answer the most common questions about the legal aspects of buying CBD, the consumption and use of CBD and much more.

Do you have any questions that are missing from our FAQ? Then write us a message. We are happy to answer all questions about buying CBD and help you choose the right product. You can simply contact us for this and our friendly and competent team will be there for you as soon as possible.

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For this reason, we only offer you high-quality hemp products with which you can enjoy them to the full. If you are not yet convinced to buy CBD, you can contact us in more detail the benefits of CBD to inform. You won't hesitate long and order hemp to convince yourself of the effects of this medicinal plant.

In addition, it is very easy to buy CBD from us, because it is easy to buy hemp on account without any problems. Our hemp products come 100% from hemp plants from Switzerland. So we know how they are grown and can guarantee our customers high quality and purity before they decide to buy CBD from us. If you have not yet had any experience with hemp, just have a look around our shop. Hemp cosmetics or Hemp food are a good way to first convince yourself of the versatility of this ancient medicinal plant. If you've already got a taste for it, you will of course also find CBD flowers, cuttings and accessories with us. Ordering hemp is easily possible for everyone at Hanfpost. Convince yourself by buying hemp today - you won't regret it!

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